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Dear prospective student,

Just as you know, certain world events have rocked the international job market to its very core  - making it fiercely competitive - literally, over night.

From the looks of it, if you don't have a university degree in-hand, it's even hard to schedule a simple job interview… let alone actually landing a job!

Technically speaking, many employers don't really care about how qualified you think you are, "No Diploma" = No Interview and "No Interview" = NO JOB!

You may be asking yourself:
"What difference would an Ashcroft University degree make in
my life?"

The answer is simple...

My degree from Ashcroft University opened up lots of doors for me. People stood up and took notice when I told them I had a MBA. Without it... well, I would have been just another job applicant.

--C. Lewis


A University Degree is your ticket to….

Increased pay

Equal status during a job interview

A timely promotion

Obtaining qualifications missed out in your earlier education

Increased prestige among your peers, family
members, and professional associates

Gaining acceptance in certain social circles

Being able to use the initials of your degree after your name, such as: Mr John Smith, M.B.A.

Enhancing your business image in a particular field by having your name and title printed on letterheads, business cards etc.

Is a university degree really a necessity?

The reality of life today is this:
A University Degree has become a
prerequisite for advancing one's position or ranking in life --
whether one likes it or not.

Hard work alone, will no longer guarantee you the rewards you

Whether your goal is to achieve higher earnings, increased influence, or simply for self-satisfaction  -- Ashcroft University is here to help you achieve your goals.

Remember, as a university graduate you should expect to command more pay, prestige, and respect from those around you!

In fact, according to the latest statistics, a university graduate should expect to earn (on average) 98% more income than a non-college-graduate!

Thank you, Ashcroft University for your quick and courteous response.

Being a Sales and Service Manager, as I am, customer care rates very high on my list. I feel extremely happy choosing your university. Thanks

--Barry Miles


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With your Ashcroft University Diploma in-hand, there will be nothing standing in your way of...

Increased Pay

Greater Self-respect

Admiration from your friends, family, and
business associates...

Get Started Immediately...

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We Guarantee you a
pleasant and memorable
experience in dealing with us, from start to finish!

Just so you know...

At present, the only type of degree programmes that Ashcroft University is offering are online, distance learning degrees.
Our admissions quotas have been strictly limited to ensure that each student receives the necessary time and attention they require.
Thank you for considering
Ashcroft University!

Kind regards,

The Admissions Staff

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